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Bergman Family Foundation makes generous donation to Mather Hospital

The Bergman Family Foundation recently made a significant contribution to Mather Hospital in Port Jefferson. This generous donation led to the dedication of the Isolation Room within the 3North Intermediate Care Unit in honor of Dr. Sumeer Sathi, a renowned neurosurgeon. The ceremony included the unveiling of a plaque, with...

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In The News: St. Charles MD

Deliberate Approaches to Minimally Invasive Spine Care at St. Charles Hospital When approaching spine surgery, having the means to cure a condition using smaller incisions is valuable. Wisely discerning when to deploy a minimally invasive method is more important still. To access the spine via a traditional open procedure requires a...

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Spine Health and Treatment at Long Island Neuroscience Specialist

Intracept ProcedureLower back pain affects about 30 million Americans, When patients with chronic lower back pain do not respond to conservative, non-surgical treatments, they may think that their only hope for improvement is invasive spinal surgery. But for some patients, there is now another option: the minimally invasive Intracept...

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