Barricaid Bone-Anchored Implant:
Offered in Long Island.

The Barricaid Implant on Long Island, known as the Barricaid bone-anchored implant, is an intervertebral fusion device that has been clinically proven to reduce the incidence of reherniation and reoperation in patients with large annular defects.


It features a unique, drainable bone-contacting cage that channels bone graft directly to the PLIF space.

Barricaid is a medical device used to support the herniated disc space after a discectomy

Patients who are at higher risk for recurrent herniation following discectomy surgery include those with a low back fracture, those who have had previous laminotomy procedures and level 1 disc bulging. Barricaid products have been designed to act as a less invasive way of providing both pain relief and additional support, thereby helping to mitigate the risk of future herniations.


Barricaid is one of the most advanced products in the treatment of herniated disc

Flexible, Porous, Non-Absorbable

Barricaid is one of the most advanced and unique products in spinal surgery today. Barricaid is a flexible, porous, non-absorbable medical device that is delivered to the site of needed surgical repair in your spine. And because it’s made from PEEK polymer, Barricaid doesn’t require any special tools or techniques to deliver it safely to its target site.

Minimally Invasive, Spine-Friendly

The Barricaid Implant on Long Island is an all-in-one minimally invasive, spine-friendly device that helps extend the life of your disc, while reducing risk for reherniation and reoperation. The implant takes advantage of bone’s natural healing ability to restore spinal stability while locking into place in your spine.

Support Everyday Activities

Barricaid is designed to withstand 330 pounds per square inch of pressure. This strength makes it strong enough to support everyday activities and allow you to reclaim the lifestyle you had before herniation. It’s built for the long haul.

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