It's Time to Get
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If you've been struggling with brain, neck or back pain and want to
achieve relief, scheduling a consultation is the first step.


From our first meeting onward, we will work together to determine the cause of your pain and help you find relief.

New York's Trusted Neurosurgeons and Spine Specialists

Neuroscience Specialist of Long Island specializes in all types of brain, spine and back surgery and procedures. Our surgical specialists are all Board-Certified with outstanding credentials.


Personalized Care With A Compassionate Approach

Ask Questions & Research

The first step in our process is to evaluate your needs and goals. We'll discuss your physical, mental and social well-being in order to determine what's best for you.

Define The Solution

From there, we'll lay out all your available options for nonsurgical and surgical treatments.

Plan A Path

Once we've gathered all the information together and made the best possible decisions, we are ready to plan the next steps. We start immediately.

We are ready to help you achieve spinal health. Schedule a consultation and let us walk with you, step by step.

Contact the office nearest to you and schedule an appointment with our team today. Spine, neck and back pain can affect so much of your life, from simple things like walking to work or running errands, to more complex activities such as exercising or playing with your children. Don't wait another day to get your life back.