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Bergman Family Foundation makes generous donation to Mather Hospital

The Bergman Family Foundation recently made a significant contribution to Mather Hospital in Port Jefferson. This generous donation led to the dedication of the Isolation Room within the 3North Intermediate Care Unit in honor of Dr. Sumeer Sathi, a renowned neurosurgeon.

Dr. Saathi (center) was honored with a plaque outside an isolation room dedicated in his honor by Stanley and Dr. Marion Bergman (3rd and 4th from right). They posed with members of their caregiver team, including nurses and a member of the Food & Dining Services staff. Photo courtesy of Mather Hospital

Brain & Spine Surgery Services

Brain Disorder

These conditions may have a variety of causes including trauma, infection or tumors.

Brain Disorder

Neurosurgeons provide surgical and non-surgical treatment of disorders of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and musculoskeletal system.

Neck Pain

Neck pain can be a symptom of many different health issues.

Neck Pain

If your neck pain interferes with your daily activities, you should see a doctor to get the appropriate diagnostic testing and treatment. Why you should see a spine surgeon.

Back Pain

When you suffer from upper and lower back pain, there are many things that can be the cause.

Back Pain

We use advanced diagnostic techniques and procedures to pinpoint the cause of your pain and provide non-surgical or surgical treatment options to help relieve it. Why you should see a spine surgeon.

Long Island Brain & Spine Surgery Specialists


Years Of Experience

At Long Island Neuroscience Specialists, we are the top doctors for brain and spine surgery. You are in the right place if you need the best spine and brain surgeons, who are dedicated to providing the latest minimally invasive procedures and pain medicine services.

Our practice is home to the top experts in Long Island, New York, with special expertise in treatments for patients with a wide range of neurologic disorders and chronic pain conditions.
Why you should see a spine surgeon.


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Symptoms & Diagnosis

When it comes to spinal pain, don’t assume the worst. If you are experiencing back spasms and other symptoms such as numbness or paralysis, be sure to speak with one of our doctors right away.


Non-surgical Treatment Options

Most people with back or neck pain will not need an invasive, surgical treatment. There are many non-surgical options that can be helpful at relieving your low back pain, or neck and shoulder pain.


Surgical Treatment Options

Spine surgery is designed to correct your spinal deformities, but it’s not always necessary. Surgical treatment is often only used in severe cases as a last resort. However, if other non-surgical techniques fail, surgical treatment may be the only solution for your back and neck pain.



At L.I. Neuroscience Specialists, we use the latest in state-of-the-art technology to provide safer and more precise treatments for spine problems. Our approach is less invasive and more comfortable than traditional surgical techniques.