Barricaid Device 

Herniated discs are injuries of the spine, occurring when softer disc material pushes out through a defect in the stronger outside wall. Herniated discs are the leading cause of neck, back, and leg pain, and usually occur between the ages of 30 to 50. Patients with a significant defect face up to a 25% (or higher) risk of recurrent disc herniation.

In 2021, Drs. Sathi and Leon began offering a cutting edge implant to repair large defects in the disc walls of high-risk patients: the Barricaid Device. Long Island Neuroscience Specialists is the only practice on Long Island to offer this state-of-the-art technique.

First offered in Europe, Australia, and Asia, Barricaid has been proven to be successful in reducing the risk of re-herniation to approximately 10 percent. Approved by the FDA in March 2020, the device has been implanted in approximately 8,500 patients worldwide, including in the United States to date. Drs. Sathi and Leon are among an elite group of surgeons who have been trained to perform this exciting new technique.

How It Works

While performing lumbar discectomy surgery, Drs. Sathi and Leon insert the Barricaid device, comprised of a polymer barrier and titanium anchor. The polymer barrier blocks the defect to repair the tear, while the implant anchors to a healthy bone to keep the device steady and rooted in the spine. The insertion usually takes 15 to 20 minutes and enables patients to return to their active lifestyles in a timely manner.