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WEDGING – Deformity of vertebral body, caused by trauma or gradual collapse, resulting in wedgeshaped vertebra; can also occur congenitally.

WERTHEIM BOHLMAN – For occipital cervical fusion; use of iliac crest graft and wire fixation from occiput to C-2.

WHIPLASH – Poplar term for hyperextension-hyperflexion.

WHITECLIUD and LAROCCA – Anterior technique for cervical spine fusion using fibular graft.

WILTSE – A bilateral lateral spine fusion for spondylolisthesis.

WILTSE PLATE – Screw plate device for posterior spinal stabilization.

WINTER – For hemivertebra deformity; anterior and posterior approach with stabilization. Also a procedure for correction of congenital kyphosis, by using an anterior approach and strut bone grafts.

WIRE – Metal thread available in various diameters and various degrees of stiffness and is generally used in surgery to transfix fractured bone.

WISCONSIN (DRUMMOND) INTERSPINOUS SEGMENTAL SPINAL – Series of wires, rods, and buttons for multisegmental spine stabilization.