John T. Mather Memorial Hospital of Port Jefferson honored three of its own at its One Enchanted Evening gala at East Wind Long Island in Wading River on Nov. 1. Neurosurgeon Dr. Sumeer Sathi (second from left), section chief of neurosurgery and the medical director of neurosciences at Mather Hospital, and Dr. David Shenouda (center), cardiologist with Three Village Cardiology and former medical board chairman, each received the Theodore Roosevelt Award. The Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council created the Theodore Roosevelt Award more than 50 years ago to honor those who demonstrate exceptional volunteer commitment to a member hospital and its community. Read more >>

Patients suffered worse outcomes when surgeries were delayed during the lockdown, and doctors fear the same thing can happen if there is a second wave. Dr. Sumeer Sathi of Long Island Neuroscience Specialists, was interviewed on this topic on NPR’s “All Things Considered” show. Read more >>

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